Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oscar night part 2

I will pick up where I left off...
Tom and I were staggering out of the Governor’s Ball and we were both feeling the exhaustion of the day. It was around 11:30pm. He asked if I just wanted to go home. I did and he had a fever, but instead of being practical, which I am every day, I said that this was a once in a lifetime and we should go out for a little bit. We met up with our pals and went to the Elton John party, which was waning. Chic had played and the place went insane, but by the time we got there the dance floor was still cooking but not much else was going on. Johnny Dynell and Chi Chi Valenti, my friends from New York, were Djing and it was amazing to say hello to them. My tribe, my people, there in the chaos of Hollywood. Chi Chi and Johnny are the two coolest people on the club scene, bar none, and great individuals in general. They were the brains and founders of Jackie 60, a hang out of mine in the 90’s in New York in the heart of the meatpacking district before it was developed.

Jackie 60 was a brilliant gay and straight dance club but also an underground art performance club that took things to the next level. They had readings and plays and performances of every kind each week that were mind blowing. I was very lucky to have been an honorary member of House of Domination, the in-house method-go-go dance troupe, led by Kitty Boots. I also performed there as an insane Manson girl lip syncing to a Charles Manson recording on Cult night, another time I got to play Giulietta Masina opposite Antony Hegarty, of Antony and the Johnsons, in a mini version of Juliet of the Spirits on Fellini night. You get the picture. And here they were, mi familia, to hug on Oscar night. Too cool. But I digress…

Lastly, we hit the Vanity Fair party, which we did not have invites to , but we were told that all we had to do was show the Oscar and that would get us in and it did. We rolled down the limo window, held up the Oscar and the gates open for us.

The party was packed with stars. So many great faces. Most of the nominees, and David Oyelowo, Quest Love, Vin Diesel and many others. There were Parisian macaroons and In and Out burgers being offered to the hungry guest and again alcohol flowing wildly. We danced and talked and people watched and stayed out till about 2:30. Then Tom and I stayed up till about 5am, enjoying the last few moments of being child free. The next day we rolled out of bed around noon. Tom went to work with his fever and I picked up the kids before going back to work myself.  

Just so you know, Tom doesn’t have pneumonia and the fever is gone, just a nasty cough lingers. We made it through awards season alive. I ate cookies for dinner two nights in a row and today I had a box of champagne truffles for lunch. I NEVER do that kind of stuff. I am talking about not eating like that in decades, and here I am 3 days in a row. Re-acclimating is a bitch.

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