Thursday, February 5, 2015

Oscar Schmoscar

So I still do not have a dress or shoes for the Oscars. Not for lack of trying. I am looking at some dresses from a dear beautiful stylist on Monday. So hopefully one will work or I will need to do something fast. Shoes are on back burner till I get a dress. I have just over 2 weeks. I have infinite faith and am not attached to being perfect. I am excited to love my dress but I will do Rainbow or Mandee shop type dress if need be. Keep your fingers cross. I will update you all on Monday. Infinite faith.

One last thing about the oscar nominee luncheon. As each artist was called to the stage for the group photo, we applauded amazing artists for 20 minutes straight. Every name called was a legend or a really talented artist in their field. I truly rooted for every nominee, appreciating the talent and hard work of each person, and as each name was called, me and the house sincerely clapped and clapped. My hands hurt by the end. The funny thing is that my 10 month old just learned to clap and is so proud of himself. And in classic baby hilarity, he wakes me at 6 a.m. to practice clapping. God Bless! 

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