Monday, February 16, 2015

Stuff is going down (and dress update)

Man, the stress in my home is high. My husband has an event just about every night this week and is starting a new film tomorrow. Oh man, universe, couldn’t you have waited just one week!! Yesterday Tom parked the car at TJs and shopped and forgot the car and walked home. Today we could not find the car. When we realized what had happened, I was sure it was towed. Out of frustration, because we are too busy to deal with one more tiny thing, much less a towed car, Tom slammed the back door and the glass shattered. Now we have two things to deal with.

I drove the other car over to TJs to find out where they tow to and alas, our car was still sitting there, 18 hours later. I guess they are not serious about parking is for customers only, or else they really value us as customers. Either way, parking MIRACLE. The door got fixed. Things chilled out for a moment. We just need to make it through this week…

Dress update: I found shoes!!!!!!!!! I also found jewels, and a clutch. I am good to go, almost. I still have to go to the tailor and a few odds and ends but feeling good.

As for crowd funding my dress, I was nervous about doing it because what if no one gave. I worried that I might look like a fool, the same way I used to worry that no one would come to my birthday party. Putting yourself out there is a form of vulnerability. Scary! But I trusted where universe was leading me. I trusted the good will and I am so glad I did. I fucking love my dress. I  L O V E what I am wearing to the Oscars. It is as cool and comfortable as my fav tee shirt and jeans is. Let me say that again I L O V E what I am wearing to the Oscars, thanks to you!! Can I get a witness, people?

As for the numbers: The dress is $1620. So far you have generously given over $1330, including pledges, with approximately $290 left to go. That is unbelievable!!! Thank you all, I have such appreciation and gratitude for so much kindness and support. I will feel like a queen in this dress, because of the love invested into it. Wow!!

(Tom and I walked down the isle together to this song when we got married)
“stars when you shine you know how I feel”

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