Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The first man to die for the flag we now hold high was a black man

I think that in honor of black history month I will just post the lyrics to one of the many great Stevie Wonder songs, just to remind you/us: The First man to die / For the flag we now hold high (crispus attucks) / Was a black man /

I taught this song to my sixth grade students one year when I was teaching drama in the la public school.
Thank you Stevie.

Black Man Lyrics

The First man to die
 for the flag we now hold high (Crispus Attucks) was a black man
The ground were we stand
 with the flag held in our hand
 was first the redman's
Guide of a ship
 on the first Columbus trip (Pedro Alonzo Nino)
was a brown man
The railroads for trains
 Came on tracking that was laid 
By the yellow man
(Chorus) We pledge allegiance
 All our lives 
To the magic colors
 Red, blue and white 
But we all must be given 
The liberty that we defend 
For with justice not for all men
 History will repeat again 
It's time we learned
 This world was made for all men
Heart surgery 
was first done successfully 
by a black man
Friendly man who died
 but helped the pilgrims to survive
 was a redman
Farm workers rights
 were lifted to new heights 
by a brown man
Incandescent light
 was invented to give sight 
by the white man
Here me out
Now I know the birthday of a nation
 is a time when a country celebrates
 but as your hand touches your heart
 remember we all played a part in america
 to help that banner wave
First clock to be made
 in america was created
 by a black man
Scout who used no chart
 helped lead lewis and clark
 was a redman
Use of martial arts in our country got its start 
By a yellow man
And the leader with a pen
 signed his name to free all men
 was a white man
God saved his world for all men

All people

All babies

All children

All colors

All races

This world's for you
 and me

This world my world
 your world
 everybody's world
 this world
 their world
 our world
 this world was made for all men.

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