Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Things are getting ridiculous....

I am tired and my son is getting a fucking molar. When kids get teeth they don’t sleep good. Why, baby, why a molar this week of all weeks? Because I am a baby, that’s what I do, mom. OK.

Last night Tom went to an Oscar event party in Beverly Hill and was stopped by the cops for no reason. They profiled not him, but my mangy car. Too fucking funny. He took my ratty 15 year old Corolla, which I love and which has never needed a penny of work put into it, runs perfect, but yes, needs to be replaced soon according to the style police of BH.

Today I went to get the third manicure I have ever gotten in my life. My pal Andrea took the baby as a huge favor so I could get my nails out of the way. I went into the place and they said it was a 45 minute wait. I walked out and cried. Because I am under way to much stress and I need to get it out. I drove to another place and had no decision making capacity left and got a weird color. Oh well, who cares.

The itinerary looks like this: Tom has a party Thurs night that I am opting out of; We have a party Friday night; Tom has to speak on a panel sat morning, we have the Indie Spirit awards Saturday afternoon, Tom has a party Sat night that I am opting out of; and then Sunday is the Oscars. I am thrilled that we are invited to the Elton John party because my old friends, super legends Johnny Dynell and Chi Chi Valenti from Jackie 60 will be there djing. It will be so fun to know someone. Familia!

The world is an awesome place. I need to keep looking at the stars and the sunsets to keep out of the unending busyness. It will all get done. It does not have to be perfect. Please let me get some sleep tonight.

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