Wednesday, March 4, 2015

7 Famous Peoples Homes

I’ve been in 7 famous people’s homes. 3 knew about it 4 didn’t.

One I have nothing to say about.

One I babysat for and he looked like a million bucks. When I asked for a glass of water, the woman who lived there made a point to show me how the water needed to sit a special cup for a minute before pouring it into my drinking glass. The special cup did something to the water, I am not sure what, but what the hell.

One was my friend.  We had a weird real friendship. He was as messed up as me at the time but manifested it differently. He shared wise and important lessons with me about finances, beauty, nutrition, and life. He was really smart and funny. When I told him I had $10,000 under my mattress he got mad and told me not to ever tell that to anyone. That was a long time ago. I eventually blew the money on life. We watched rare films in his beautiful bed and ate great food.

The other 4 were Danny Devito, Kenny G., Thurston Moore, and Harvey Keitel and they had no idea that other people let me swim in their pools and use their polaroid film and even sleep in one of their bed’s and have sex with my teenage boyfriend (I was a teenager too). One of those visits, (not the sleepover one) felt a bit like the scene at Jerry Langford’s home in King of Comedy. 

I’m keeping all the details vague here.

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