Friday, March 27, 2015


The low-waisted jeans thing is over, I know, but there was indeed a time when you could not get anything but high-waisted pants. You did not have a choice. Ah, vital and beautiful choice. Before the mid 1990’s I used to have to cut the top off of every pair of pants I owned and re-sew on the waistband to make them look attractive. It took a lot of time and energy to hand sew my entire wardrobe. On the rare occasion I came across a pair of vintage hip huggers in my size I snatched them up. Rare indeed. I searched high and low and found maybe only 3 pairs ever.  Two were from The East Village store Love Saves the Day.

One pair was green velvet. My pal Bob Roberts bought them for me in 1988, pre-Delite, when wearing green velvet hip huggers was trend setting. The other pair I bought myself around the same time, brown suede super low-waisted bellbottoms. I took in the leg to make them fit tight over my motorcycle boots and I wore those pants into the ground. At one point Piki, East Village superstar extraordinaire and tailor to the rock stars, relined the ragged and torn suede and reinforced the waist with a leopard skin print. I got a million compliments in the pants.

Love Saves The Day closed a while back. The building where it used to be collapsed in the explosion yesterday. I am devastated by the photos of the corner or 2nd ave and 7th street, yet another part of my hometown swept away without notice. It is startling to see the corner I passed a million times become just a pile of rubble.

I do not know if the building was co-op or rent stabilized or whatever, but I know that an apartment in nyc is not something you can easily replace. I pray for everyone injured or possibly killed, I pray for any pets lost and I pray for everyone displaced, especially the elderly. Losing everything is devastating. I hope that everyone finds peace and the support they need in the difficult process that lies ahead. In times of tragedy it is indeed LOVE that saves the day, and I know that it will again.

I understand why there is a black market in nyc and that people do illegal things to make money or get around what seems unreasonable.  If nothing else, I hope this incident can serve to help someone to use their head and make a better decision in the face of temptation and to a reminder why there are codes and laws to follow.

Sending lots of love to the old neighborhood.

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