Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Oscar (n. singular): gold statue that lives with us now

Our sweet thoughtful friend gave my husband a “night out” for his birthday. He wanted to generously give us a sleepover for a kids-free evening, but that is a lot to ask of the sitter and of the kids, or at least the baby, so we did an 8 hour child free evening and an early morning sitter for 4 more hours so we could feel sleep in afterwards. 

I set up a birthday dinner party as best I could. I have been so busy for so long that it is a wonder I get anything done. I did not get a chance to invite everyone I would have liked to (sorry guys) but we got close. The party was the best. It was so great to get out and have conversations and not be rushing home to the sitter, or running late, or cutting things short, or stopping every sentence to tend to a darling baby. It was probably the best birthday present ever, and it wasn’t even MY birthday.

29 of us went to Casita del Campo, 26 friends, Tom and I and one extra special guest, the Oscar. A bunch of people asked Tom to bring it and of course he did. Oscar was the highlight of the night for many people, especially the waiters, who all had their picture taken holding it. When we sang happy birthday, I held Oscar so he could blow out the candles.

At one point, a friend overheard someone at another table say, “It’s not real.” I was temped to visit them, but did not. Then one of them approached and asked me if it was real and I told her it was. She got so excited and explained that they were from the midwest and were academics who studied the 18th century and that this (being near Oscar) was the most exciting thing they could imagine. They also all got their picture taken holding Oscar. The whole joint was a buzz and everyone was smiling. The party, food, cake, and company was all top notch with or without O, but he certainly brought some flair.

Then when we cleared the place, we still had time before we had to go home so Tom suggested that since this would be the only time we would be out with the Oscar we should visit our favorite chef, Edin Marroquin, the owner of Aroma. Tom brought in the statue so they could take a picture together and hang out a bit.

After that we tried to find a pinball machine in the neighborhood, but to no avail, so we went home and enjoyed getting to stay up late without consequence. The next day I awoke to my daughter jumping on me. I told her that Meredyth was coming over to play with her and she said way too loud and excitedly, “She already did!” Are you f*ing kidding me?

The clock was indeed striking twelve, which meant the sitter had indeed been there for 4 hours and was about to go. I had slept HARD and now it was time to get up, Cinderella style, back to the real world. Fun while it lasted. Man, it is great to have such great friends. Thanks for the night out you guys! And thanks to everyone for getting sitters and coming out and making it so fun! 

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