Monday, March 16, 2015

the other car was barreling at me

I was almost in a car accident. I was pulling out of our alley onto the street. I thought there was nothing coming. As I turned onto the street a car was braking not to hit me, but still barreling at me. I could not get out of the way. The street is narrow and I was turning. In the best of circumstances when two cars are going straight it is still hard to pass each other.  I was wide eyed., bracing for the worst, as the car finally stopped inches from my vehicle.

I saw the other driver roll down the window and I literally felt love flow to me. I felt it. They were not going to curse or blame me, they were going to send me a kiss or something, send love to me, happy  that I and we were both unharmed. I felt it powerfully, as real as I might feel the wind or rain or air conditioning or the santa anna wind. That loving wave moved over me and was a surprise and felt so good.  I continued my turn and when our side widows aligned I saw that it was my friend in the other car.

It was not just any friend, it was a friend who I used to call when I was in my darkest hour, when I was in court regarding my daughter and I did not know the future of our family. She was a friend who would let me sob on the phone without explanation while she just listened. She was a friend who understood that I needed to have a witness, or just human support, to give me the strength to face those enormous feelings and get them out.

I would call and she would be available to listen.  That is a priceless gift. If you have anyone in your life going through something horrific, and you want to help, just let them know that you are available to listen to them and witness their process without comment or judgment, (unless they ask for comment). Just be there, if they want that kind of support.

Anyway, we saw each other on this random small street in Los Angeles and smiled and gestured sending love to each other and drove away. She inspired me to send love to everyone I have conflict, or traffic issues, or near missed with. I will practice that the best I can, not sure I can pull it off but I will try. Love heals. 

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