Monday, March 9, 2015

to live and die in LA and dress update

So, my husband and I were in the bakery isle in the supermarket, looking at birthday cakes for my son’s birthday when we passed a rack of Hostess’s chocolate covered donuts, which reminded us of another brand that makes a very similar product, which I saw on a list of the most fattening foods ever. The article said that the donuts were up there with Big Macs and such in terms of saturated fat content per serving.

My husband and I  talked about how delicious the donuts were, even though I knew that they were more delicious in memory than in real life. We stood in the isle holding the package and admiring them, reminiscing about a time when it was normal to just throw them into the grocery cart, when a woman walked by and said, “You cannot eat that, you will die.” She said it with some humor. Then her husband came over and said, “Just get it, eat the whole package. Live!”

He went on to say “That’s all my mother ever ate, those and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and she lived to be 93. She dies with a smile on her face watching Two and a Half Men. She loved sugar, TV, and animals. I had a Doberman and there was a Retriever, those dogs never sat still for anything, but when they were with her they just sat still staring at the TV, watching Dr Phil with her. She’d give them the donuts. She’d tell me ‘You don’t know shit. It’s good for them.’ That’s all she ate. She had a good life. Lived to 93, died with a smile on her face.”

All four of us were smiling. We had already put the donuts back. We never had any intention of buying them. If we wanted to get something rich and decadent and sweet, which we do all the time, it would be something different than those donuts, probably. Ya never know. Ah, divine decadence!

Dress Update: I just about made it to my dress goal, truly divine decadence, so thank you all who chipped in, for the wonderful luxury you gave so generously to me. I have not forgot about you, I am just catching my breath. I will be contacting you with benefits and a photo shortly! Also, I stopped eating truffles everyday!

Speaking of divine decadence, one of the most glorious song clips I can think of, an all time favorite that does not change with time

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