Thursday, March 26, 2015

Two-lane Blacktop

You know how James Taylor was when he was young? Exactly my “type,” long dark haired hippie, dark eyes, could play jesus, super unavailable, messed up, acts like he couldn’t care less about anything, coincidentally addicted to heroine, so hot. That was my default setting.

My older cousin had this friend named Johnny C. I changed his name a bit but anyone who knew him and reads this will know who I am talking about. He was the first to fit the bill. Long dark hair, could play Jesus, blab blab, everything I just wrote about James Taylor. He was maybe 6 years older than me, so when I was in sixth grade and made my Holy Confirmation, he was a senior, if he wasn’t a drop out, I don’t know which. He was drinking a beer when my cousin Colleen said, “Hey Johnny, Holly made her Confirmation today.” He took a drag on his cigarette, beer in hand and said, “Fuck that.” My heart skipped a beat.  Yep.

What makes us attracted to a type? Who knows, but those first few paragraphs were fun to write.  Things are so different now, as you  dear readers know. What I wanted to write was that I LOVE James Taylor TODAY. He is shining like new money, to steal a line from August Wilson. Something happened to that man that reverberates with me. He beams transformation. Palpable. So cool. I love transcending my default setting, or actually changing it. I love getting to be alive for such a long stretch and seeing it all evolve. I love seeing others do it too. If we could do it, anyone can. Can’t wait to see what happens next.


I remembered his name! Remember last night when I wrote about a guy who was just a ghost? Well today in yoga class I remembered his name. Andy C!!!!! Pretty sure he was a photo or film major and that’s how I knew him. I love how the brain and mysterious memory works! Now if only I could remember about the babysitting....

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