Sunday, March 29, 2015

Viet Nam!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it is official, my husband is the first Vietnamese person to win an Oscar. From what we hear, the country of Viet Nam is all a buzz and his photo is everywhere. The reason anyone even know that he is Vietnamese is because of MY BLOG! Because I blogged that he is representing the non whites at the Oscars this year, which was referred to as the whitest Oscars ever, his Wikipedia page says “Cross is of half Asian descent (Vietnamese). His wife is Latina.” ( I am loving this!) I am really proud of his representation of diversity. His family and the country of Viet Nam are so proud of his achievement. This is just all round cool. I sure hope some official or commercial enterprise offers to hosts us for an all expenses paid visit to the homeland paradise of his ancestors.

On top of that Tom was invited to participate as a mentor in a diversity-in-film type program. Forgive my lack of details, it is late and I am tired. We have no free time between his industry hours and a one year old and a five year old but somehow we will make time for that. So important!! Way proud of my husband. In the words of dear Leonard Nimoy, "Infinite diversity!!!!"

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