Thursday, March 5, 2015

what’s in a name

I am committed to writing everyday. I believe in infinite inspiration, sometimes I am tired and can think of nothing to say but I still write. Here goes…

I remember seeing, as a young feminist, a Goddard film where (I am going by a 30 year old memory here, sans research, so forgive me if I am off) a guys asks a woman her name and she tells him and he says “That’s your husbands name.” Then she tells him her maiden name and he says, “That’s you fathers’s name.”

I kept the name I was born with when I got married, it seemed so ancient and sexist to take my husband’s name, plus I would be one letter away from Holy Cross school, church, or cemetery, way too religious for my taste, but a great drag name or Derby Doll name, Holy Cross Cemetery on wheels, I like that.

I wanted my kids to have my last name but it meant a lot to my husband that they have his and I gave that to him. The modern trend of a married couple making up a name is a great idea, but we passed on it. It felt too disconnected from the past. I like my past and my roots and my family name, despite whatever problems I have had. It is part of me.

We named my daughter a great name, which also happens to be the name of a great car and Charlton Heston’s great girlfriend in Planet of the Apes, a great film.

Then a year ago I found out my mother named me after hearing the name of Charlton Heston’s daughter.

In a full circle, perhaps my husband and I should have gone with Heston as our made up new last name.

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