Thursday, April 30, 2015

3 weird things I experienced as a kid

sometimes I just want to write something quick and the subject at hand is overwhelming.   So lets just go easy to night.

3 weird things I experienced as a kid

1. Both of my grandparents lived in ghettos. We lived in a nice prewar one bedroom. Their apartment building hallways smelled like pee because people would pee under the stairs. I sometimes had to step over a drunk sleeping person to get up the stairs to one of the apartments. It was scary and confusing. They certainly gave their children better lives in whatever capacity they could.

2. Once our class was at some special mass during school time and when we received communion one girl threw up. She held the throw up from going on the floor with her hands over her mouth and the teachers or priests rushed her to the backstage area of the church to properly handle what to do with the throw up, which was holy throw up of the body and blood of Christ I guess. I often wondered what happened to that throw up. Later the priest came out and told us all what a good thing the girl had done, how she acted correctly. I was glad it was not me because I would not have been able to act correctly.

3. Once I was walking to grammar school, maybe second grade, alone. I do not know why I was not with my sister, but anyway… there conspicuously in the middle of the sidewalk was a dead chicken, with all of its feathers. I really cannot remember this part but it might have been stuffed with pennies, which was a santaria thing. Even if it wasn’t stuffed with pennies, it was so shocking, there on a new york city street, all shiny and colorful, and me alone with the corpse.

i am loving these girl:

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