Wednesday, April 29, 2015

breaking night

The first time I stayed up all night I was in sixth grade at my pal Sheila’s house. She had a party and invited a bunch of boys from public school and a couple from our Catholic school. The guys from the public school had lived a lot more. They were noticably different from the guys from our school. They danced much closer and just hung out much looser, and faster, all the things my mother had warned me about. They were really comfortable being there, even though they were the ones who we were all meeting for the first time. We were all gawking. They were really cool.
The only record Shelia had was a copy of her sister’s Best of Bread and for some reason we only played one side over and over and over never turning it over. “I’d like to make it with you” played a hundred times and expressed what was on all those young guys minds. They made that clear. The soft rock and low lights were classic. I was never at a party like that before. It really was my fist “grown up” party. At some point Sheila’s mom came home and made the guys leave.
When the guys left there was no way in hell we were going to be able to sleep. I was sleeping over with one other friend who eventually feel asleep. Sheila and I stayed up all night and talked a lot with her cool older sister. It was a hot summer night and we sat by the wide open window watching while the sun came up over  Broadway. I went home that morning and later passed out at the pool club on a beach chair and my mom got mad at me.

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