Saturday, April 18, 2015

Down with Lame Lovers!

Sex, hmmm, oh hell, it is record store day, so here goes, just another side of me... (warning: adult content)

My First recording, Sex Drive, was released as a 7” by Sympathy for the Record Industry, how cool is that? For you youngsters, a 7” was a single, a 45, a small vinyl disc called a record that you played on a record player that often had only two songs on it, one on the A side and one on the B side.

The song on the A side, Sex Drive, was a celebration of the joy of attraction. The B side of my first single was a song called I’m Not Coming. It was a severely underappreciated feminist anthem about having sex with someone who did not understand the fine art of lovemaking and did not reciprocate an orgasm. Yep, I’m going there today. I only had silly partners like that twice if I am remembering correctly, all the others knew better. One of those two poor fools who did not do the right thing got this angry song written about him. “I know one thing you can’t do,” brutal, but someone had to write a brutal song about selfish partners, and yes, if not me then who?

My mission at the time was to bring orgasm equality awareness to the masses of women who might have accepted lame partners. We were young, not everyone knew how to have everything they were entitled to. I wanted to help spread the word with some rage and fury and guitar and a bit of humor.

The thing that is of interest to me is that no one ever really mentioned the song contents to me. No one ever wrote about it or talked about it. Was it because the music industry writer were mostly guys and they did not want to tackle the scary subject? Was it because so many of our fans were gay and did not have to deal with such bullshit? I have no idea. It was only my smart cousin Tommy, god rest his cool and beautiful soul, who read the title and said to me, “That song is about not coming? Like in sex?” I said yes and we both cracked up laughing.

Anyway, looking back at my wildly misspent youth, I thought I would give the song some props on record store day. I wrote it and played guitar and sang it, and man can i hear the Black Flag and plazmatics influences. Here are the words for your enjoyment (the mistake I am referring to is choosing him as a partner). …Read it and weep, suckas.

“I’m not coming baby not coming. We all make mistakes sometimes. You’ll never get me there and I not even gonna try, till I’m alone, You wanna be seen, you wish you liked me, but baby, I can tell, I can see…

I’m not coming baby not coming cause you’re a drag in bed, You know you gotta leave and I don’t even want your head, oh no. You wanna be seen, you wanna know me, but baby you don’t even know yourself…

Sometimes I just need to get off…..You wanna show me that you know me, but baby you don’t even know yourself…

I’m not coming baby not coming. I’m going, going, going with out you. You can talk and use my word, but I know one thing you can’t do. You can't cheat it, cheat your emotions, and baby I don't see what's in it for you."

Viva la revolutione!

Happy Record Store Day! Rock on. There were lines outside all my fav record stores in los angeles today. Thank you for supporting music and vinyl and all the great people who still sell vinyl. Sorry but this song is only available on itunes.

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