Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I love Louie

Louie CK, I love you.  I mean your show and your work, but how can I love that and not love you, in a way? Your work is amazing. In the past you blew my mind with the Joan Rivers episode and her monologue about working in the entertainment business. And then you had sex with her. You made me jump up and down with joy and laughter with the Melissa Leo episode. You are so funny and cool and smart.

But now in season 4 you have taken it to new heights. The Into The Woods episodes part I and II are more like a brilliant indie film than a brilliant tv show. You work has no boundaries, you are setting a new bar for tv and artists. You are doing what every artist dreams of, doing exactly what you fell like, or so it seems. On top of being a mind blowing gorgeously told and acted and directed story, full of humor and truth and empathy, you go on to end it with a therapist lovingly telling a kid that the kid is not a bad person, that he just made bad choices and that he made those choices for good reasons, and that he just needs to make better choices and then you fade to black and dedicate it to Philip Hoffman. How empathetic and classy and beautiful. I am in awe. I am in awe.

That episode also happened to be filmed in Cardinal Spellman, the catholic high school that I attended for 2 years before being kicked out for being “punk.” So it was even more personal and perfect.

I am thrilled that you exist as a creative force in this world. Thank you !!

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