Friday, April 10, 2015


Oh how I loved Dave Insurgent., AKA Dave Reagan Youth. He was THE coolest. The singer of Reagan Youth and a serious anarchist with style and attitude and presents, how could you not love him. Dave dressed great, had a beautiful face and was warm and funny. He was dead serious about his band and politics, but not a serious bore at all, hamming it up for the camera or just joking around with his pals, he very approachable for someone who looked so great and had such strong opinions. Remeber him swaggering around on the Bowery in a sweater with too long sleeves and plaid pants, smiling like the teenager he was. 
Dave thought up the perfect band name because that’s what we were, stuck growing up with Reagan messing up our world before we were all enough to vote.  The first time I spotted Dave at the Decline of Western Civilization screening I knew he was my peeps. One night we sat around singing Rolling Stones songs on an acoustic guitar. I still have the fanzine he made explaining anarchy to his troubled peers. On stage that guy commanded everyone’s attention. He was one of the great front people and a pioneer of the early hardcore scene, a great songwriter and vocalist. I will never forget the first time I saw the band and was just in awe. Then later, as things were changing fast, I will never forget the first time Reagan Youth covered a Black Sabbath song at a CBGB’s matinee. Jerry Williams was at the soundboard and the Paul played the first chord and the drummer started that slow sexy groove before the band kicks in. War Pigs was a genius choice and Dave pulled it off amazingly. That was the beginning of the long slow end, but still a great moment. What fun we had. I miss you so, beautiful Dave. Rock on kids. 

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