Saturday, April 11, 2015

new york girl’s charmed life

Once Deborah Harry asked me to write a song for her, I said ok, but never did. Yep.

Once I found a $100 bill in the street.

Once Iggy Pop came to see my band and said he liked us and hung out with us afterwards. We still say hi on chance meetings.

Once, on a rare occasion, I was in a Los Angeles skyscraper and I was looking out the window and the view started moving and it seemed that the horizon was swinging by. My brain worked hard to make sense of what I was seeing. I thought I was watching a movie for a moment only to realize that the building was rocking back and forth and we were having an earthquake.

Twice I was in the room with a front row seat while a baby was being born. There is no experience more mind blowing than seeing a person come out of a person. It makes me believe in god.

Once in the fertility doctor’s office I spotted a really pretty girl and when she signed in I saw she had the same last name as me and the same first and last name as my sister! The she came up to me, because she recognized me from the neighborhood! I took it as a sign. She was there again in the waiting room when I went back to find out I had a miscarriage. I took her being there as a sign that everything would somehow be alright, because my “sister” was there. And lo and behold, everything turned out ok.

When my daughter was born there was a proliferation of 4 leaf clovers in my yard. I found at least 6 of them. Also, a humming bird made its nest right outside my window, I watched the babies hatch, I watched the mother fight off a praying mantis, and I watched the babies leave the nest. A few days after the nest was vacant someone pruned the tree and cut off the branch that the nest had been on. I took it all as a sign of good luck. It was. I take anything I can as a sign.

Once I unknowingly went for a job interview at the home of a serial rapist. I later read that he would post fake ads. He said something really vulgar to me. I deflected it, did not react, although it was shocking and weird. I was twenty, had a crew cut, and was pretty shut down. For one or another of those reason, or just the hand of fate, nothing else other than the comment happened.

Once I did the most amazing thing in the entire world, but I cannot say what (not because I do not want to, thats for sure.) Yep, I have secrets no honest man would believe. I always say  that Liza Minnelli can die happy because to me she seemed to fulfill her life’s purpose with her work in Caberet. And I can die happy too because I have fulfilled mine as well. I just can’t talk about it. How weird.

Once I won $100 at a contest at a Shoe Ball at Jackie 60 for "shoe realness". I was Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, and I did indeed have shoe realness. I had been really tired and did not want to go to a club but I really needed the money and knew that if I went I would win. and I did. 

Charmed life, indeed.

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