Monday, April 20, 2015

public school

my parents sent me to catholic school not because they were religious but because it was the better than the public schools of upper manhattan in the 1970’s where kids apparently stole the shoes off of your feet if they wanted them. That’s what they told me anyway. I did ok in catholic grammar school but by high school I could not deal so I went to private school on scolarship for my last two years of school. I am that person, the one who cannot deal with the bullshit of the real world. I have never been good at it and still am not and now I am sending my daughter to public school in an attempt to have her socialize with a diverse crowd of regular kids. I love the idea but…

Registration scared me to death, it was petrifying. It wasn’t even registration, it was going in to get the registration packet. I started out to do it 4 times only to find I did not have the proper papers. First I went empty handed to pick up a registration pack, only to find out that I needed a million documents to be allowed to have a registration pack. Then I kept having to go home and gather more things. When the week was over, I finally got myself together enough to get there and I managed to get home with a registration pack. I also had to call three different people to make sure I wasn’t blowing my chance to register by taking so long. I would not have been able to do it any faster but I still needed to check in and get advice and support-JUST TO GET A REGISTRATION PACK!

Oh man, I am going to public school (as a mom). I am not cut out for handling burocratic red tape and all that goes with public school. But here I am, showing up. When I finally got the packet I saw that I was number 16, that only 16 families had picked it up yet, which gave me hope that I am not doing as bad as it feels like I am doing.

Today we went and got a chicken pox vaccine because she is not allowed in without one. Whatever it takes. Whatever.

Anyway, I do not really have a choice, private school for two kids k-12 cost approximately $80,000 give or take $20,000, so there you have it, we are going to los angeles public school, lausd. It is going to be great. Wish me luck.

What is even more amazing is that my Catholic High school, Cardinal Spellman was the set location for Louie season 4 episodes 50 and 51 Into The Woods, which is mindblowing. Go watch it now if you want to have your mind blown. More on that tomorrow....

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