Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ramos without the M

I travel in many circles. I think I am the only person on the planet who has experienced all of -going to the Academy Awards and hanging out in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Founder’s Room and seeing bands at A7 and having a sound bath in the Integretron in Landers and having my band play in Prague. Come on! Still there is so much I do not know about, so many secrets. I love fining out about them, being invited in without even asking, seeing things that only certain people get to see without even trying. I just happened to do it once again last night.

Until yesterday I had never even heard of Raos the legendary nyc restaurant that you cannot get reservations to unless you are someone who they call once a year to tell you the dates you are coming, whether you are free or not. Hmmm. I also did not know there was one here in los angeles till I was brought there last night.

Now I have dined at Raos with the best of them. Can I just say that the food was excellent, as you would expect, but the scene was even better. There are all kinds of celebrity sighting going on, but somehow even in los angeles, the vibe was straight outta Good Fellas, except friendlier, not scary at all, but maybe could be if something happened to necessitate that. I am being playful here, but basically the place is full of true new york characters of the best kind. All of the waiters have real new york accents and so does the majority of the crowd. Where did these people come from? Who flew them in just for my visit? It was brilliant and beautiful.

Word has it that Mia Farrow based her Broadway Danny Rose character on one of the Raos family members. A photo of a blonde older woman in big sunglasses hangs on the wall amidst the slew of autographed celebrity headshots and it indeed looks like Farrow’s Tina. It makes sense since Woody and Mia went to the ny Raos all the time. Man I love being invited into all the cool spots. Thank you lovely people at Raos and thanks Karen and David for hosting me.

Did I mention that the jukebox played all the 1960’s classic you’d hear on CBS101? Including this one, oh hell yeah:

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