Saturday, April 4, 2015

things that happened driving across America with a friend (patrt IV)

Maybe it was 1987 and 88.

15. Did we see a 7-11 being robbed? I think things looked weird, was someone crawling on the ground? We made a mental note to call 911 when we got to a pay phone, but there were no pay phones on the road (and of course no cell phones existed yet).

16. A few times we were propositioned in trucks stops by older men who assumed we were prostitutes. They had no idea girls would be exploring the world in suede mini skirts and brown suede fringe jackets, in search of the 1960's Americana experience and not interested I them or their money.

17. We usually bathed in rest stop bathrooms, using the sink late at might as a tub and making a mess. A few times we bathed in wild rivers. Once I washed my face in a fountain and once we showered in a truck stop facility. It cost two dollars to take a shower at a truck stop. The place was primarily used by men, lonely men. The worker sent us to a private area because she knew. You got to lock a door and have some privacy and take a shower. Walking back down the hall with wet hair to exit the place was like walking through a prison. The energy was sexual, hostile and desperate. A man  there made a harsh pass at my friend. When we got back in the car she cried and we chose to never go to those facilities gain. 

18. I found the dried bones of an animal off the side of the road. That blew my urban mind, it was so very unheard of, like in a western or something. It wasn't even the whole skeleton. I took most of it, the leg and a jaw with teeth. I eventually gave the leg one to a boyfriend who liked it and mad a necklace out of that piece of jawbone with teeth still intact. it was probably a coyote.

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