Sunday, April 5, 2015

Things that happened driving across America with a friend 1987-88

19. Swam in a storm. We were at the beach on a sunny day when a black cloud passed over the sun and it seemed like night time. The rain started falling and we hopped into the sea which was churning up all kinds of shells. The current was strong but there was a sand bar between the shore and the horizon, so we were not going to get pulled anywhere. There was no lightening so we played in the rain and sea until the storm passed. It was risky and foolish, like so many things on our trip, and perfect and fun.

20. We lived on cold beans that my friend had cooked. we kept them in a 5 lb ice cream plastic container that was like a bucket  in our cooler in the back seat. We ate them daily until we were so sick of them. Then we left them outside a store in the mini mall outside of Hollywood Forever after visiting Jayne Mansfield's cenotaph,  which we believed was where her head was buried. Jayne was not decapitated, contrary to rumor. Leaving them was ritualistic. For weeks after we laughed hysterically when we thought about it.

21. We ate a hot meal in a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco, which my friend treated me to. she put it on her credit card. It was the first time I had eaten in a Chinese restaurant since I was five. I still remember what I ordered, broccoli with cashews. It was the most delicious meal. After that we went back to cold utilitarian road food. Yuck.

22. I did the whole 3 week trip for $200. Gas food lodging fun.

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