Monday, April 6, 2015

Things that happened to me driving across America 1987-1988 with a girl friend. (Part VI)

I am just about out of poppy anecdotes, back from vacation, and wrapping up this story….

23. casually visited my first reservation unknowingly as we stopped at a general store and saw a very depressed situation, with addiction, poverty and hostility directed at me, the tourist of sorts.

24. oh, yes, now I remember….. snuck into a cemetery in New Orleans. It was in a very poor neighborhood and it was closed. Sleepy eyed folk wearily watched us as we drove around the cemetery perimeter. We parked when we spotted a hole in the fence and went in and shot some beautiful photos. We were really needing to see one of these cemeteries, ala Easy Rider, and it lived up to the expectations. The place was stunning, haunted and blue. It was easy to get lost there. At one point I turned around to find my friend topless as she was changing her outfit for a photo op. I started to get the feeling that being there, in a strange neighborhood, in a place that was closed to the public, that we were in illegally and all, was not a good idea. Once again we exited a touchy situation, safe and well.

25. drove all night the last day of the trip to get me back to catch my plane back to ny. We photographed ourselves at 5am in the early dawn, the other “golden hour” ala Robert Frank.

26. My pal procrastinated getting me to the airport and I almost missed my flight home. I did not have a cent to my name at that point, and no credit card. I do not know what I would have done if I incurred an expense. She said she procrastinated on purpose so I would miss my plane and the trip would not end. Living on the road is addictingly magical, fun and free. Truly an experience of a life time to be remembered forever...

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