Friday, April 3, 2015

Things that happened to me driving across America 1988 and 89 with a girl friend. (Part III)

Part III 
11.I learned about mountains and how long it took to cross a mountain range, going up in a zig zag manner on curving roads and then coming back down only to see more mountains that you had to zig zag all over on dangerous curves with so many blind spots. And again after coming down again you started up again, Just like in the song, the bear climbed over the mountain and what do you think he saw? He saw another mountain. 

12. I learned how to navigate my way anywhere with a McNally rand atlas. anywhere in America, that is. The map included Mexico, but was incredibly inaccurate.

13. We got into a bind trying to cross the Sierra Madres in Mexico on an unpaved road. I hesitate to call it a road. We trekked on and on, yes we trekked in our car, for hours on a rocky road only to find we had barely gone ten miles and were in the middle of nowhere without food and low on gas. We could have died and never been found several times over, but we managed to turn around and get back to a paved road by midnight. I got out of the car and got on my knees and kissed the paved ground out of gratitude.

14. We looked really bad, dirty and tired and hungry as we crossed the border back into America. I had been living on a can of orange juice concentrate. We were intimately searched before being allowed back into the country at arizona. A few hours later we were in a delicious cheap restaurant in a college town and back to normal.

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