Saturday, April 18, 2015

wade in the water

I woke up after going to the Replacements and kept my daughter home from school so I could take her to Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion.

My daughter is part African American and I think of us as both belonging to a brown skinned minority since I am part Puerto Rican. I am very conscious about giving her great role models and showing her all aspects of her cultural heritage.

I am sick of seeing the token second class citizen black person in films and books and shows. There are so many children’s books that include black characters who are just slightly less cool or pretty than the main character. It is so tiring. Do I have to start writing and illustrating children’s books? Just make them equal, at least.

Well at Alvin Ailey the coolest beautifulest dancer is brown and center stage. There are plenty of stunning brown stars on the stage doing the most beautiful movement. I wanted my daughter to have that experince and she got it. We got it together and our minds were blown. We got to sit in seats that cost hundreds of dollars and be treated to divine performance. We are both so lucky. She twirled like a ballerina all the rest of the day and I felt saturated in art, culture and inspiration. Thank you Alvin Ailey for your vision and your gift to us all. Thank you dancers for a great show.

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