Saturday, May 2, 2015

3 coincidences of sorts

1. I already wrote about this once but it is still shocking to me: I met a woman at the fertility doctor waiting room because I noticed how cool she looked, then I saw that she had signed in with the same name as my sister. Then when she came up to me, I expected that she had seen my last name on the list, but she didn’t, she came over because she knew me from seeing me around town!

Then I found out she was a signer songwriter, like me! Then I saw her play a show and she was a story teller with a comedic on-stage personality like me. We are still friends, she is awesome, and we have so much in common, more than I can say, and has the exact same name as my dear dear sister.

2. OK, I had this friend who cast some big molars into silver to make jewelry. I think they were her grandfather’s teeth. Molars are so big, the long leggy looking roots go about twice as deep into the gums then they go out of the gum. Right around the time she was making her molar jewelry, I found a big silver molar in the street and brought it to her, expecting to make her so happy because I had found one of her precious pieces that she had somehow lost. But she just looked at me. She had all of her silver molars, had not lost any, and I happened to find someone else’s big silver molar, one that happened to get lost within weeks or days of her making hers. I still have it.

3. This story is old but the day before I met my husband, a friend suggested I should meet this guy (him). And the next day at an event I saw this guy talking to someone and I overheard him say where he went to school and I knew it was the guy (my husband) I was told I should meet. I walked up to him and said his name. I knew it was him and I was right. He remembers the story different, of course.

The funny part is that I figured he would be a good guy to have sex with and he was and we did. I did not know for a long time that he was THE ONE. I did not know that he was the one who could sooth the savage beast and build with me the life of my dreams. I took my time before I was ready to make room for that, and I am so very glad he held steady and so very grateful that here we are….

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