Saturday, May 30, 2015

Catching throw up in my hands is a good thing but don’t jinx me.

Yep, I caught throw up in my hands 6 nights ago and it was a good thing because it meant that I did not have the change the sheets for a third time.

My baby had a stomach bug over a week ago and threw up all night, which I wrote about when he was 12 hours throw-up-free.  In a matter of minutes after posting the blog I went to check on him and he was sitting up in the bed looking at me like in a horror film and I said “are you ok?” and he did not answer but instead threw up all over the bed again. I exhaustedly changed the entire bed and washed everything for the second time. Two nights later I wrote a silly post saying how my stomach did not feel good and how a hated throw up. I mean throw up just sucks. I could never imagine how anyone could choose to do a drug that actually made them throw up? How? Why?

Anyway, my baby had been throw up free for 48 hours at he time of posting but an hour later I was in the bed with him and he threw up again. This time I just put out my hands and caught it. I managed to spare the sheets which was so delightful. I did not care about the throw up in my hands, but I did think about the girl in church I wrote about who caught throw up in her hands.

so I am not a superstitious person or anything,
but I really did not want to blog about throw up again. It seemed like writing about it made it happen. Silly, but why take a chance? I just needed to stay away from the subject for a few days.

He threw up again tonight after being throw up free for 6 days. The truth is that his virus is a tough bug that takes a while to go away. The other kids who got it had a similar trajectory, I was kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop and for him to vomit again. Now that he did, I feel abit relieved, able to blog freely, and I am hoping that it is all over for real. I still do not feel 100% and it may make its way around the family and whatever but no use in being suspicious or trying to avoid the truth, I caught throw up in my bare hands. I hope you don’t have to.

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