Monday, May 25, 2015

Electric lady and the secret rivers that flow below manhattan island

I was in Electric Lady studio, the recording studio Jimi Hendrix built, on 8th street in NYC twice. Once when the Clash walked by, Joe Strummer holding a boom box on his shoulder blasting Radio Clash, and we got to follow them in for a few minutes before leaving, and once when a friend’s band was recording there. When you walk in the street level entrance you go down stairs to the underground studio.

There is a secret river that flows below the island of manhattan. I cannot tell you how dear that river is to me, it is so magical and wonderful. You can access the river from the underground Electric Lady. There is a cellar door that can be opened where you can actually see the river. The day I was there they tried to open it for me but, to my great disappointment, they could not find the key. Had they I would be temped to jump in and swin away under the rock of the island and see what I could find. Still, I was able to stand by the locked metal door and hear it rushing by. That was the thrill of a lifetime.

There is a building on 5th avenue, right off of Washington square Park, the address might be 2 5th avenue, and they have a Lucite pipe in the lobby that runs down to the water and when the river is high, its water splashes up into the pipe and you can watch it teasing you. One day, dear river, one day we will formally meet.

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