Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Girl groups and me and Joey Ramone and Jayne County, sigh.

I love poppy melody with longing and emotion. I love mid calf pointed toe leather boots and dark hair beehives and eyeliner, I love a great Phil Spector production. Girl groups are so fantastic.

Phil is a mess and the history is dark but the work that remains is brilliant.

Darleen Love ghost sang a bunch of songs and one or two became a hit. She asked Spector for her own career and recorded another song with him and then heard it on the radio listed as someone else. She left the business because it was too brutal and one day she was working as a maid. She was in the middle of cleaning a toilet when she heard herself on the radio and she remembered who she was and what she was supposed to be doing and launched her come back. Her voice still thrills me and kills me.

Once, years later I played guitar with Joey Ramone during a short set of about 5 songs. One of the songs he did was Love’s “Christmas, Baby Please Come Home” a masterpiece. My band Fur had broken up and a friend invited me to play the gig as a kind gesture to remind me how I loved music. Of course I wore a dark beehive and pointed toe, mid calf, black leather boots. During the Love song I got to sing unrehearsed background vocals while sharing the mic with Jayne County. Dreams really do come true. From what I understand, we did not sound perfect, but I was never a perfectionist. It was all brilliant to me.

not Love, but so great....

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