Saturday, May 16, 2015

Has Johnny Thunders really been gone for 24 years?

When Johnny Thunder’s died in 1991 (could it really be 24 years ago last month?) there was a memorial concert at The Marquee Club in NYC. A bunch of bands played, I don’t remember who, except Walter Lure fronting the Heartbreakers. What was interesting was that Johnny’s family was there. Johnny had an ex wife and a bunch of kids which seemed so at odds with his public persona, which was so very feral, so undomestic. The dichotomy reminded me of the character in Dog Day Afternoon, aside from Johnny looking like Pacino. Of course, his family were there, he just seemed so familyless, so alone, as he would say.

The other interesting thing was that David Johansen sang a couple of Dolls songs with some of those guys, something he had not done in a very long time, intentionally I believe, due to personal reasons. I was hanging out in the balcony, liking some guy who wound up being a real drag. Anyway, the band starts playing a Dolls song, Personality Crisis, and David Johansen opened his mouth and it was just shocking to hear that sound come out, so iconic and strong. He sounded like no one else can. He sounded like the records. It was really emotional given all the circumstances.

It always bugged me that sometimes the only thing that brings us back together with the people who were so important in our lives but we just can’t find peace with while they are alive, is death. I wish there was a way around that but sometimes there just isn’t. 

Big deal, I’m still alone.... 

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