Friday, May 1, 2015


Yesterday I felt great joy that the world is changing for the better so very much so.

Body acceptance is growing, body shaming declining. My friend is making a film and she told me that one scene will portray an African American woman nude in a joyous childlike way. She said that black nudity is typically shown portraying slaves and prostitutes and she wants to show something that it is never seen. I love that she was part of the revolution and is expanding minds.

The body revolution is making way for humanness. Showing and accepting transgender people and different sized and shapes of people is becoming more common. I read in the NY Times that the company Spanx, a brand based on mild fat shaming,  is losing money because of changing attitudes. They have to rework their image and product. People are putting their money where their mouth is. That is radical progress, people. I will always love Lena Dunham for putting a nude body type that we are not used to seeing in our face on a repeated basis, it is so necessary to counter the typical impossible body types we see all the time. And then my hero Louie CK, topped himself and the drug episode with an intimacy episode and showed his naked male body as talked about his longing to connect. That was radical television at its finest. I am blown away by my heros.

Things are changing. People are reporting sexual abuse. When I was growing up you just accepted it, there was no recourse. Schools did nothing. I love that people have spoken out about Bill Cosby, that a famous powerful abuser can’t get away with it anymore. People are speaking out about domestic violence. People are speaking up about racism in our legal system. Things are changing. Awareness is happening, spreading. We still have a long way to go. Terrible things are still happening, but not in silence anymore. This is a radical time. I believe in the United States of America and it’s people. There are more people joining the solution. I can feel it.

The police officers in the case of  Freddy Gray are going to face charges!!!  Shocking and amazing. Things are changing, slowly, slowly changing. 

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