Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I am happy to report that my taste is not algorithm-able

There is no accounting for good taste

In 1st grade I was one of several winners for best Halloween costume, I won in the “most original” category. I dressed up as a fan. I got the idea from The Price is Right, so I wore a black bodysuit and tights and my mother used oak tag to make propeller blades to stick on my belly and an on/off switch for my back.

In my high school yearbook I was noted for “her unique look”. That was the polite was of saying it.

Today, I just try as always to be true to myself and to have awareness of the forces in my life that shape me. So many things affect us, our sex, where we were born, our socioeconomic background, our parents, our skin color. There are many mental sand traps to fall into and while I try my best, of course I also fail. But I try. Awareness is a beautiful if not exhausting process.

Then there are the more sinister forces of subliminal seduction and the billion dollar industries based on trying to figure us out and sell us out and profit....

I am happy to report that my taste is not algorithm-able. Here I do not fail. Me and my husband howl with laughter at the “Movies Holly might like” list on netflix. Not in your wildest dreams Netflix. And then there is Pandora. Unlistenable, because they have no idea what is great about the song I like. I enjoy the hideousness mind of the computer trying to dj for me. Not in your wildest dreams, Pandora. Computers can do a lot of things, they may even be able to simulate some version of love and intimacy for some people, because they may know how to stimulate or simulate oxytocin. But computers do not understand good taste. I love human beings.

ps. so cool that so many of you loved the Xray Spex song, one of my fav bands of all time. lets hear more, I could post the whole album. (Try plugging this into Pandora and they will follow it will some common, obvious 77 punk, like the Sex Pistols, who are great, but have nothing to do with Xray Spex's brilliance). it is so fun to dj this blog. 

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