Tuesday, May 5, 2015

money love well being and ease and a baby brawl

Today I found two one dollar bills, twice, for a total of $4. I found $2 outside my car in the ymca parking lot in Hollywood and I found $2 by Trader Joe’s in Silverlake.

Today a baby at the Y was playing and grabbed my baby’s face on both cheeks and squeezed and twisted like babies do and left my baby with bloodied scratches on both sides of his face. It almost looks like an animal attack. It is not deep and will not scar and does not bother him, but he did cry when it happened. He is ok, but it hurts my heart to look at him. He will heal fast. The bright side is that it was not my baby doing the attacking.

Today my husband texted me the sweetest text expressing love that made me almost cry. He said thank you for making it all worth while.

Today everyone I had interactions with showed up like they said they would and did what they said they would. Everyone was available, friendly and kind.

Today my daughter brought her garbage to the garbage can and her dish to the sink, curtsied, and said in a british accent, “Pleasure to serve you.” I have no idea where she learned that.

Today I earned a big chunk of money pretty easily.

It was just a simple easy beautiful day. I got to go to yoga and take a nap. I had some challenges with my kids but I happened to have help handy and I did not have to do it all alone.

Today was a manifestation of an affirmation I often say: "money, love, well being, and ease is attracted to me and flows to me from an unlimited source with greater and greater abundance everyday." 

I think I am going to use today as a template for how I would like life to be all the time, minus the attacking baby. 

this is pretty great, too:

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