Friday, May 22, 2015

My baby threw up all night last night from 3am to 9am.

I woke to throw up in my hair at 3am. I changed the sheets and bed clothes of me and him and put my hair in a pony tail. I changed the pillow cases and knew that I would have to change them again in the morning. Cleaning up throw up is really hard and my disorganized brain makes it harder. A little got on the mattress cover so I put a cloth between the mattress cover and the and new sheet, and one between the mattress cover and the mattress. I also put another sheet on the top of the bed, so any residue would stay off of the clean sheet. That was the best I could figure out at 3am. After that he threw up every five minutes for the first hour, every fifteen for the second. We tried going back to sleep at that point and he threw up every half hour for the 3rd hour, so I would doze and hear the retching and get the bucket and wipe his face and rinse the bucket and go back to sleep for a bit. It was mostly bile and dry heaves at this point. He threw up every hour after that so I got a few 50 minute segments of sleep and then it was wake up time. Then I washed his hair and mine and got rid of all the mildly or possibly affected linens and did the wash. He stopped throwing up at 9am. The only other time I got woken up by being thrown up on was when my daughter did it a few years ago. That was a rite of passage, this was just the drudgery (trudgery?) of motherhood/parenthood. He is fine. We survived. Tonight I could do nothing so I spent over an hour on line, first reading about someone’s journey through a really difficult time. Not like my silly night, but a truly difficult time. Here is the link for the curious. It reminded me of stuff I wrote about during my trial. He quotes Viktor Frankl, like I did,at that time, ah the beacon of light. It was great to be reminded and to also know that things can pass. Then I looked at all of Chloe Dzubilo’s artwork. Here is the link:
The work is brilliant and amazing. Thank you for letting me part of it and thank you to all the writers and artists out there for sharing and expressing yourself and letting me see it and feel your journey. I really love life and being human and knowing you all. This is all I got to write tonight. My home does not smell like throw up anymore, horray. I am done. 

Updte, i am live editing this. I walked into the room to check on him and he was sitting up and i said whats wrong and felt around, but everything was dry and then he threw up all over them bed.  and me as i tried to get him off the bed. Oh hell....not sure what to do.. more cleaning...

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