Friday, May 8, 2015

nothing is shocking

There is nothing more shocking than leaving your home and walking out into the glaring mid-day desert sun and walking along the street and seeing your own underwear lying there on the sidewalk. It stopped me in my tracks.

Yep. I picked them up real fast and stuffed them into my bag. I had accidentally dropped them the night before when I was carrying too many things home, including a bag of groceries and my dirty gym clothes. The next day they were still lying there, waiting for me to come find them.
That was a few years ago. 

Then yesterday I could not find the bra I had worn to the gym. I suspected the worst but was too tired and busy to go look. Lo and behold, this morning I forgot all about my bra until I was out in the street walking to my car when I spotted my very own bra lying there on the sidewalk. Oh, man. Not quite as shocking as seeing my underwear but pretty bad. Somehow, this is just something that happens to me every now and then.
I read this today, wrote it two years ago. A favorite memory of mine.

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