Monday, May 18, 2015

read between the lines

T & K were these art collectors I knew when I worked at a gallery in Soho in college. They used to  buy tons of art and commission special pieces in custom colors. The artists in the community they hung around would make them these crazy custom pieces and make lots of money The T &K would throw them big parties. This went on for a while and everyone was happy and getting what they wanted.

Then one day it came out that T & K had embezzled all of the money they used to throw the parties and pay for the art. They went to jail. The bank auctioned off their collection at Sotheby’s, the custom creations brought in only a small fraction of their original prices.

It blew my mind that they were taking such great risks and paid such a great price just to collect contemporary art and to throw parties and be popular on the art scene. But I realized that the real drive behind the actions to feel special. They could have collected anything or hung out on any scene and done the same thing. It wasn’t about the art. They just wanted to feel the adrenaline and be popular and have things and be special.

That reminds me that few things are about what we are seeing on the surface. Fights are rarely about the issue at hand and love is rarely about what we are looking at on the surface. Go deeper to get to the real source.

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