Thursday, May 28, 2015

The naked dress

Oh man people, you are taking me back… In the early 90’s there was a store on 9th street, I think, called Suzy Wong’s, I believe. If anyone remembers better, please let me know. Suzy was a curvy asian woman with spiky platinum hair, if the person working in the shop was actually Suzy, and I think she was. She made cool clothes. One day I saw her walking by in this tight pink dress with delicate silver pattern on it. She wore it with a pair of flip-flops and she looked badass. I went to the store the next day and bought the same dress.

The dress was made out of swim suit material, which was perfect for me because it meant that I could be out and about in it and hop into a swimming pool or fountain ala La Dolce Vida, with ease, which I did indeed do on a regular basis. I loved that dress and wore it in to the ground. It looked great with pumas or stilettos, day or night.

As I mentioned the dress was pink with a delicate silver pattern on it, quite remarkable. The problem with the dress was that it seemed to match my exact skin tone and at a short distance it looked like I was not wearing any clothes at all. Despite everything I was into, I was not into people thinking I was walking around naked. I did not love the attention, cars screeching to a stop, guys yelling out windows at me. It did not stop me from wearing the dress that I so loved but often I covered it with a beat up leopard skin (fake) coat until I got to my destination. Once I got to the parties everything was fine because the scenes I hung around didn’t blink an eye at the sight of a woman dancing with her keys around her neck and nothing else on.

Photo by Maria Del Greco

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