Friday, June 12, 2015

having "the talk" with your kids

I read in psychology today that the best way to talk to your kids about sex is to start young, to teach them at age 5 the proper words for all the sex organs and the actual biology of baby making when they ask. This is close to what they wrote, via my memory:
“mommy and daddy lie down together naked and daddy puts his penis in her vagina and his sperm goes into her egg and that is how a baby gets into her tummy and starts to grow.”

Apparently that will make them not want to have sex for a long long time... only kidding.

Basically the point is that they can start puberty at 10, in only 5 short years from 5 and they should have a foundation and a structure that can  get added to and grow regarding knowledge about sex and relationships. Eventually they will know that sex is something adults do with people they love etc etc. They say that springing the talk on them later is not as effective as building a foundation and adding to, as they ask and as they grow, it so it is all commonplace by the time their hormones kick in. We started with the correct names for ALL of the sex organs. My girl thought is was hilarious. It is actually pretty awesome, and horrifying, but awesome. 

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