Sunday, June 14, 2015

I’m feeling glad all over

I went into Trader Joe’s tonight and could not stop myself from singing out loud and dancing to the pounding sound of the Dave Clark Five, Glad All Over.  I knew that I looked like an old lady singing the oldies but I wanted everyone to know that I was channeling super legend Jayne County and her Dave Clark Five wig. For those of you who do not know, back in the day she would wear a big teased blonde wig with the 3-D letters that spelled out The Dave Clark Five sitting in the hair, resting atop her head like a bird on a branch in a tree. Who else had ever done anything like that, wrote a garage bands name in their hair, elevating that band to uber-coolness just by association? Pioneer. 

Oh how I have loved Jayne County back from when I was a teenager and knew her as Wayne. Her style still blows me away, the music is indispensable and her courage as a trailblazer is awesome. I still reference her for fashion tips. Jayne and I have run in the same circles for decades and I have said hi a bunch of times, as we have a bunch of the same friends and even shared a mic once at a Joey Ramone show but I do not think she knows who I am but that’s OK. It is hard for a legend to remember everyone they have met.  I re-read her book Man Enough to be a Woman when my daughter was born and I recommend it to everyone. I think that I will pick it up again it is so smart and funny. Till then I have the pounding drums of Glad All Over still in my head as I write. Goodnight.

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