Saturday, June 20, 2015

Last night

Husband: (out of the blue) Remember how touching Bride of Frankenstein was?

Me: Not really. Remind me.

Husband: (he is much more eloquent than my memory, so forgive my paraphrasing) How he went to the blind man's house and the blind man was so kind to him. And Frankenstein burned his hand and threw a tantrum, freaking out, and the blind man was so kind and soothed him till he was calm, and the monster was wimpering like a child because someone was kind. Then the blind man said "Stay it is going to be ok. God sent you here. I'm blind and you are mute and we can help each other."

And then remember at the end when he sacrifices himself for the doctor and the lady and he says he will stay and he says "you go, live" and he says to the other monster, the bride, who is horrible, who is one step away from dead, and to the bad doctor, "you stay, die." And they show a shot of Frankenstein and he has a tear running down his cheek. He's so evolved, he knows what he is doing, he knows he is going to die and he knows how to sacrifice himself, he knows about that because he learned it, because someone was kind to him. He is called a monster but he is so much more evolved than the other people in the room, the doctor. Boris Carloff should have won an Oscar for that performance. Bride of Frankenstein, not Frankenstein.

My husband just blew my mind. I teared up. I do remember talking about all of that when we watched the film 5 or 7 years ago, but forgot all about it, and then hearing him talk so beautifully with such sensitivity and empathy was just gorgeous. I love this guy. 

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