Monday, June 1, 2015

Lying about my age

When I was acting I did not want to use my real age because I figured it would be used against me. A casting agent that liked me and sent me out on stuff came to one of my birthday parties and found out my age and the next time she sent me out it was for a middle aged job. The people at the audition looked at me and asked why I was there. The answer was because the casting lady knew my real age.

When I got married they did a piece on us in the NY Post, sounds so glamorous doesn’t it ?(read real story here if you don't already know it: ) In the Post piece they asked my age and I said none of your business type of answer and they said you have to, so I lied and said I was 30, not 39. I remember a friend feeling disappointed that I was not out loud and proud, but I was still thinking about acting at the time.

Prior to that it always seemed weird to lie about your age, when saying you are younger than you are just meant you looked worse for your fake age.

As I get close to my 49th and a half trip around the sun, I could care less what anyone thinks. I am almost half way to 100 with a one year old kid. Life is so f’ing good, I cannot even begin to care about numbers and limits and all that bs. Love yourself, people. It’s more fun.

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