Monday, June 8, 2015

on the verge of getting what you want you might encounter this...

Often when you are getting exactly what you have wanted for a long long time, you encounter a challenge where you might lose this dream come true.

I don’t know why but I hear that story again and again. You get fame as a singer and something happens to you vocal chords. You finally get the baby you have been dreaming of and then you find out you might lose that baby. Whatever the “thing” is, fame, family, happiness, money, whatever, it is fragile and may go away.

And in this place of utter vulnerability we have to deal with the feelings, whatever they look like- its not fair, or everyone gets to have it but me, or I am a disappointment, not good enough, or some version of some story. And then we have to fight the fight, rise to occasion, show up for the challenge, do what we feel we cannot do, find the strength when we feel wiped out, we must go on… and we do.

And then we may or may not get the results we were hoping for or not. We may conquer the challenge or we may lose the battle.

And then my friends, right then, if you lose the struggle, I want you to know that everything is still going to be alright. Everything is perfect. You are loved. WE are magnificent. Life is beautiful. Life dances on. I get to write this because I have been there. These words are true.
one of my favorite scenes in film ever, perfect sound and vision

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