Wednesday, June 10, 2015

papa's got a brand new pigbag

One time my friend and drummer and star of the underground Piki Soul read my palm. We were at her house with some band and I was interested in the good-looking shut down singer, my exact type. By the way, types are your blueprint for trouble, in case you didn’t know. I forget the bands name and I forget the guys name but earlier she read his palm and then said to me that he has problems with women and is shut down, according to his palm. Duh, my radar could have told you that. But now I was curious about her “gift” because her statement rang so true, so I let her read my palm.

Piki held my hand gently and studied it carefully and said that I had a rare line that she could not remember what it meant. She went and got a book to look it up so she could gie me more information. “Oh yes,” she said, “you will have success after 40.”

At the time I was devastated. I was 26 and in a band and prepared to have the world. I was not sure I even believed in palm reading. Anyway, the way you use your hands can change the lines. Nothing was written in stone here. I decided to ignore her words and go have my great life.

Life proceeded and came with all the dips and turns and was indeed great. I did however struggle with success (which I will define as doing what you love and prospering) for many years. I definitely do not believe that our fate is written in stone. But it was not until I was 40 that I mastered the art of prosperity. I still do not believe in palm reading but maybe Piki had a real deal gift and knew a thing or two, who knows.

Here is my tip on how to prosper.
Have gratitude for all you do have. That’s it.

“Money, love, well-being and ease are attracted to me and flow to me from an unlimited source with greater and greater abundance everyday”. That is my affirmation. Please feel free to use it if you want it.

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