Sunday, June 7, 2015

Paul Revere Dick

Tonight I need to get some sleep so I will just say I thought “Indian Reservation” was the kuewlest song at the time it was number 1. Oh man, the way the chorus comes in! Right now I am also loving that it is by Paul Revere and the Raiders, who only five years previously had the hit “Kicks”. Paul Revere’s real name was Paul Revere Dick and he had the same birthday as me.

What is also cool is that according to Wikipedia:
As a promotional gambit, Revere took the unusual step of riding cross-country a total of four times, plugging the song at every market available. His efforts paid off: "Indian Reservation" peaked at No. 1 for one week in July.[18] Paul Revere: "I called the head of Columbia's promotion and told him I was going on a record promotion trip, which was something artists didn't do anymore."[4] "Indian Reservation" became Columbia's biggest-selling single for almost a decade, clearing over six million units.
I love a good business mind and a good success story. Right on, ride on, Paul Revere, who passed away last year.

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