Monday, June 15, 2015

Potential unmanifested

I have lost several dear ones in my life. I am thinking on many of them just now and thinking particularly about a few very close friends and relatives who passed away young from drugs.  It's awful when you know someone for most of their life and you see them get lost to drugs and not make, not get free, not come out the other side.  when you are close to their family or part of their family you really get to see not only the devastation and pain of their leaving but also the disappointment and heartbreak about what could have been.

I try to remember that we all have so much potential and we strive towards an unattainable ideal. Some people get really close to the different aspects of the ideal, yes? Some find deep purpose, some manifest great wealth, some learn to give unconditional  love, some serve others and change the world, some sacrifice their lives for others, some are just kind, some use their gift and bring joy to the world, their are so many ways, right? we can have so many  different successes in so many different areas. And some people overdose young and they, unfairly, don't get to be seen as having any of these successes. 

I always feel like pity, or heartbreak or disappointment for these souls is an injustice. these thoughts are hard to formulate but i will try. Viktor Frankl talked about being in the concentration camps and feeling like it did not mean your life had meaning ONLY if you survived. he arrived at the grand truth that your life still had meaning even if you we killed. your life has meaning even if you od. there were several times I came close to dying in my years on earth. It would have been so easy and so tragic. I would not have gotten to live through it all and come out the other side.i would not have had the opportunity to manifest my dreams and transform my life. But I would still have been me, not fully realized but full of beautiful potentials and my life would have had meaning. Something special and beautiful and perfect would have still been there. all the seeds of transformation are in us already, no matter where we get to, no matter what it looks like on paper, no matter how far up we go or how far down. it all matters. life is beautiful and everyone is precious. that's all I have to say.

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