Wednesday, June 3, 2015

rain, my drug of choice

Ahhh, my drug of choice has always been negative ions, the charge in the air when water is falling. Yes, I adore Niagara Falls for that very reason and of course the rain is the thing I miss the most about my hometown of New York.

I used to feel depressed a lot and negative ions could really lift me up. But I so recall the withdrawal, urg, the achy physical pain of depression when the rain stopped, when the charge was gone, the same as if I ingested a drug and it was wearing off, brutal. It was even worse if the sun came out, better to be dry and grey then to get hot and sunny after, yuck.

I now live in a desert and have to use moisturizer and have better hair. I get lots of sun and have a great life and feel happy so I don’t feel depressed often, like I used to. I still love the rain but it is not such a severe high and low these days, I just love it like I love the sea, or shooting stars or a house with a pool in palm springs.

Anyway, out of nowhere we got a chilly rainy morning this morning, and it reminded me of this one great morning in Seattle. We were on a road trip with my then two and a half year old and we had to wake earlier than I am used to. It was a glorious cold rainy morning and we drove to the local not-whole-foods health food megastore. I love those places because they cater to my diet. So I got to find a muffin and a big delicious coffee that I could eat without issue. I save those kinds of things like coffee and muffins for special occasions and a rainy morning was the perfect one. I still can taste the delicious tastes and smell the smells and feel the cold rain on my face as we walked to the car and had to put the heat on and continued on our merry drive up and down the west coast. So fun. I wished that my husband was free this morning so we could recreate the experience but he had to be at work, so I just enjoyed the rainy morning with my baby. he loved it too, rain on the face is one of the best things in the world. I do hope we get another one soon, but on a weekend this time.

I had a stop in Hollywood later in the morning and it was still misting out and when I got out of the car on the dirty hollywood side street it reminded me of that unmistakable smell when the street sweeper goes by and adds a little water to the dirty New York gutter. The sound of that silly white vehicle as the water and the brushes kick up that dirty street smell. I can smell it as i type.

That was my sense memory experience this rainy morning, Mr Strasberg.

Thanks rain, please come back soon.

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