Saturday, June 27, 2015

The times they are a changing

I am blown away by how progressive the world is becoming. As a young child, I experienced quite painfully that that there was no one talking about fat shaming or slut shaming, fag was a common insult on the playground, bullying was normal, sexual abuse was rampant in my school by other students and people of authority, as in teachers and priests, racism and sexism were also rampant and it was all a lost cause that you grew to accept or fight in vain for. I grew up feeling very unprotected and unsupported as I was aware of all of the injustices I was experiencing and had to fend entirely for myself. I was a radical feminist freedom fighter by the time I was a teenager, but things did not budge as we marched and protested and wrote and fought. Things did not budge.

I KNOW that we have so much more work to do, that there are still so many injustices in the world, in society, but the recent changes are things I cannot believe are happening in my lifetime. The authority figures are not allowed to look the other way anymore.  They have to answer to the masses and take responsibility. Not necessarily because they are enlightened but because no one is going to let them get away with bullshit anymore. It is Brilliant. South Caroline governor Nikki Haley said shortly after the church shootings that she was not going to revisit the confederate flag issue again because she was not going to put the people of her state through that because the people of her state needed to heal. (which people, I wondered, would have a hard time going through a discussion around that flag?) and then a few days after that bullshit statement which basically said “I want to protect white people’s feelings”, she called to remove the flag. People were on her in a second and she knew she could not keep up the bullshit. I am loving this. How fun is it to see fairness triumph over reactive lies and defensiveness.

I am blown away by the achievements happening in society right now. Despite the low vibrational people who are self seeking and oppressive, there are MORe people who are into helping each other, inviting equality into the world, speaking up, fighting for each other’s rights, accepting everyone as they are, and tearing down the Berlin Wall of the old school of the old straight rich white guys. I have such hope. Thank you to all of the giants whose shoulder’s we stand on and to all of the freedom fighters of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Bloody good work, my friends and comrades. Keep it up.

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