Monday, July 27, 2015

bringing home the oscar

so my sister asked me to ask tom to bring the oscar to new york for the family and everyone to see. i figured it would be too much of  drag, but he was just coming for the weekend and traveling light and was happy to make everyone happy. he brought it.

that thing is a real hit. everyone really lights up when they see it, they all hold it and take pictures. it is a an iconic part of american culture. the family was so happy and  we had a great time ending our trip hanging out with the gang and the oscar and eating chicken cutlets parmesan and eggplant parmesan, new york style. it doesn't get much better than that.

at jfk, though, because we travel light and only do carry on, tom was a marked man and because he would not be scanned they had to search him and his bag. it really was a hilarious scene from a movie when the tsa agent was walking around the airport security area with an academy award in her hand, which she did not know what it was. She told tom that she did not think that he could bring it on the plane and carried it over to her supervisor who was a classic old school new yorker with the accent and everything. all of a sudden tsa workers were coming out of the woodwork, gathering around, asking what he won for, the whole bit. none of them had seen the film, (ahhh, the boroughs) but they were all smiling and congratulating him. of course he did indeed bring it on the plane. you gotta love those new yorkers. sad to go. happy to be home.

oh hell, lets just go there already...

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