Thursday, July 16, 2015

happy anniversary

I got married ten years ago today!

It feels like several lifetimes ago and also just yesterday. What is of most interest is how easeful our vow renewal was compared to our wedding. In the same way our second adoption was so easeful compared to our first. I want to credit that to trauma work and healing. The story of our wedding is here, (way too much for me to get into) but the one thing I will say is that we had the BEST intentions for it to be a soft peaceful event without stress, and the pain caused by the explosion of several events was staggering. I can say the exact same thing for our first adoption.

Then after years of trauma work for unrelated events, our second “wedding” and second adoption were easy breezey dreams. The events of my past traumas might be unrelated but some of the issues were the same, like family and intimacy. Creating the sane happy home that I longed for took getting over some very real hurdles but in the end it was all worth while.

I am thrilled to be walking down this road with my husband for a decade. It is amazing and the best is yet to come. Happy Anniversary Tommy, I'll shout it out for everyone to hear, I love you so!

i will never forget floating around on the lazy river and hearing this song with you...

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